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As a means of promoting economic development, the Quebec Provincial government has developed the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (the QIIP Program) to facilitate the VIP immigration process for international investors. Since 1986 when the QIIP Program was first launched, it has been a pathway for thousands of businesspeople and their families to successfully resettle in Quebec and Canada through this investment immigration visa.

In return for a 5-year zero-interest secured and passive placement, investors and their dependent family members can obtain permanent residence in Canada. This placement is completely guaranteed by IQ Immigrant Investors Inc., a full subsidiary of a Quebec governmental agency. To our prequalified non-Canadian Investors, Stuart also offers a flexible financing option through a 5-year term loan from a Canadian chartered bank.

With the increasing success of its Program, Quebec government has restrained the intake of any new application: Stuart is a fully licensed investment dealer authorized by the government to preselect the best Immigrant Investors that could benefit from the quota allocation.

Canadian Immigrant Investor Program

On February 11th 2014, Economic Action Plan announced the government’s intent to terminate the federal Immigrant Investor program, in order to eliminate a large and longstanding backlog of applications, and pave the way for new pilot programs that will actually meet Canada’s labour market and economic needs.

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The only Immigrant Investor Program remaining for Canada is the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program.


The forms and agreements below are for the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program ending February 28th, 2017.

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Stuart – Investment Agreement
Stuart – Power of Attorney
Stuart – Declaration by the Immigrant Investor Candidate
MIDI – Application for Selection Certificate – (DCS)
MIDI –  List of Documents to Submit in Support of an Application for a DCS
MIDI – Narrative Document –  Business People
MIDI – Mandate
How IIROC protects investors