Stuart Investments

The Provincial Government has developed the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) in order to attract foreign investors and their families who wish to settle in Quebec to:

  • Live: The quality of life, of services and environment, the very low crime rate and the protection of fundamental rights make it a favorite place to settle.
  • Prosper (Invest): Québec’s business environment is very dynamic. Thanks to the tax advantages and favorable conditions related to the export of goods and services offered there, Québec presents various markets and plays an international role in several high-tech sectors. The tax rate on commercial profits is one of the lowest in North America.
  • Study : High-quality public education is free from kindergarten to college for Québec residents as well as for the children of foreign workers with a work permit. Greater Montréal also has four high-calibre universities where tuition fees are among the lowest in North America.