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Internationally recognized as a city with a North American lifestyle and a touch of European culture, Montreal is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city famous for its high standard of living.

Strategically situated close to the US border on the majestic St. Lawrence River, Montreal has a dynamic diversified economy where businesses start and prosper.


Located on the shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto is Canada’s largest city, and is at the forefront of the country’s economy. It is Canada’s trade and manufacturing capital. Its diverse, growing economy offers great business opportunities.

Toronto is ranked as one of the best cities in the world in which to live.


With the highest per capita income and the lowest taxes in Canada, Calgary is a prosperous city with a dynamic, go-getting core. It is the largest city in the Province of Alberta and in the region of the country that has seen the fastest economic growth in recent years.

It is one of the most important centres of the global oil industry.


One of the most beautiful and pleasant city to live in, Vancouver is Canada’s access to the Pacific and the Asian markets. It boasts the largest port and transcontinental terminal in Canada.

It is the economic centre of British Columbia and one of Canada’s major industrial centres.

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